You are constantly adapting your business to changing market forces and customer demands. Your workload isn’t always steady.

JADA Virtual Office Solutions provides business and legal support services that can help you manage the peak times so you can continue to provide the service your customers expect, and still maintain your profit margins.

JADA’s virtual legal assistance and virtual business assistance is done remotely from the JADA office, located in Ottawa, Canada, so you don’t need to find office space when you need extra staff.

We join your team for short or long-term engagements so you can keep your business on course.

JADA can help you

  • During peak demand times
  • Fill employee leaves (maternity or illness)
  • Maintain operations during expansion and growth
  • Get mundane tasks done so you can focus on what you do best

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I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe Denise’s contributions to Zarlink during the nearly 10 years she supported the Legal Department. She took on new challenges with a vengeance and assumed ever greater responsibilities, adapting easily to changes in the business and structure of the company. Each time Denise took on a new project or responsibility I had complete confidence that she would very quickly master it and in a very short period of time. She is extremely intelligent, reliable and conscientious. As I moved into more senior roles Denise moved along with me (I insisted on it) through acquisitions, divestitutures and restructurings. Denise was very highly regarded by her peers and other colleagues at Zarlink because of her wide experience, her business orientation, her professionalism and her very pleasant personality. Denise will have an immediate and lasting impact on any organization she joins.
Renato Pontello, VP Legal, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise is a true gem…one of the most capable and competent individuals I have had the honor of working with in my career.
Andre Levasseur, Chief Financial Officer, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise is detail orientated, thorough and a very quick study. Always eager to help out and adept at managing “picky” very senior quarterly guests… Denise is one of those “go to” people who you know will “get it done”.
Gary Tanner, President and CEO, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise was such a pleasure to work with: competent, capable, energetic, thorough, professional and dedicated. She was so very helpful to me on so many projects over a long period of time. I would be happy to work with her again.
John Williams, Director of CAD Engineering, Microsemi Corp.
Denise is diligent, organized, customer-focused. At Zarlink she consistently exhibited the high attention-to-detail and information-management skills so critical for the legal role.
Stan Swirhun, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Sr. VP, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise helped me create and publish an eBook for my clients – very impressive!
Jennifer Dawson, Online Instructor, 10 Weeks to a More Organized Life
Denise is a motivated, reliable, and quality service provider – who delivers results. She is a pleasure to work with, handles pressure with grace, and always has a smile on her face.
Stewart Beare, Canadian Forces
Denise worked in the corporate legal team at Zarlink, and I often worked with her to complete various legal matters pertainng to the product group. Denise is detailed oriented, highly reliable, conscientious and completes her assignments quickly and accurately. Denise will be a highly respected member of any organization she joins.
Stephen Swift, Sr. VP & GM, Medical Products, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise and I worked together on a number of projects including the employee share ownership program and implementing a stock option data base. Denise is very good at scoping out the work, developing a plan with timelines and meeting her commitments. Denise is action oriented, a quick study and you can rely upon her to get the job done. She is a valued member of the team.
Eileen Speirs, Vice President Human Resources, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise was a highly capable and professional member of the legal team at Zarlink (now Microsemi). I worked with Denise as part of the project team responsible for implementing a new stock-based compensation platform for the company. We also interacted regularly on operational matters. Denise demonstrated a strong attention to detail and a commitment to process improvement in all my work with her. I would recommend Denise because she consistently seemed to work “beyond” her position description and can bring extra value to a role.
Michael Downey, Director - Treasury & Accounting Policy, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
I am pleased to say I have worked with Denise Oliveira for the past 7 years at Zarlink Semiconductor. Denise has substantial knowledge in the legal profession and excellent “people skills”. Denise is very responsive to time sensitive material, confidential, dedicated to her role and there is core strength in Denise that I find very admirable.

Denise Oliveira comes highly recommended for her over all ability to deal with people with professionalism, enthusiasm, an energetic personality and would be an asset that any employer would find valuable.

Michelle Honea, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise is a true pleasure to work with. I worked with Denise for six years at Zarlink on a number of important projects. I always found Denise to be hard working, reliable and detail oriented. I am pleased to recommend Denise as a strong contributor to any team.
Scott Milligan, CFO, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
I interacted with Denise frequently when working on NDAs, license agreements, contract research, etc., as well as many other related items. Denise is very professional, responds quickly and accurately, and understands the legal material very well. I am happy to recommend her.
Frank Thiel, VP of R&D, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise supported many of us in R&D in executing many SOW, NDAs, and IP licensing documents. She was extremely diligent in checking out all the nitty gritties and insuring that we have used correct legal templates and all procedures were followed. She also followed up constantly till all the documents were cleared in the Legal dept. Denise was always professional and courteous. She was a pleasure to work with.
Navaz Gangji, Program Manager, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise is a super girl that will add greatly to any organization she chooses to work with. I have been associated with her for at least 10 years and never have been disappointed with her professionalism, drive, personality and friendly demeanor. Hire her, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
John Stinson, Corporate Fleet Manager, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
Denise was my key contact for securing legal approvals, input or recommendations on marketing, investor relations and corporate communications at Zarlink. She was always prompt, professional and focused on the details. Denise was well respected by the legal team, and was always a pleasure to work with. She would be a great addition to any organization.
Ed Goffin, Manager, Investor Relations and Marketing Communications, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
I worked with Denise for several years at Zarlink Semiconductor in my capacity as Worldwide Credit Manager. Denise’s professionalism and detail oriented approach to duties and responsibilities were greatly appreciated. Denise is a pleasure to work with and will be a valuable asset to any organization.
Valarie Murray, Manager, Credit, Collections & Cash Management, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
I had the pleasure of working with Denise for a number of years while at Zarlink Semiconductor. She was one of my main contacts in the legal department for securing proper expense codings and approvals. Denise was always prompt and professional in her daily interaction with myself and the rest of Zarlink’s Accounts Payables Department.
Thu Hamilton, Accounts Payable Administrator, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.